Forum Thread: I Cannot Get Kali Linux to Boot Up Using the Live USB Persistence Option

I have tried using this article from this website in order to install Kali Live on a USB with persistence and I cannot get past the step of "Setting Up Persistence (Configuring the Partition)" since the live USB persistence option does not work. I'm sorry I do not have a picture but basically, during the booting, I get several "FAILED" errors.

Since, after several attempts, I was never able to get it to work, I decided to create an account to hopefully get help.

Here are a few examples of lines I was getting during boot up:
(FAILED) Failed to start IIO Sensor Proxy service.
(FAILED) Failed to start GNOME Display Manager
(FAILED) Failed to start Hostname Service
Then it gives me several "link is not ready*

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Anyone found a solution to this?

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