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Hello Guys , Hope Everything is Alright
So I've been experimenting in kali's tools , I thought i would give hydra a shot
Any Idea what are these Errors ?
First Error: segmentation fault
Second Error : Error ERROR 1 target did not resolve or could not be connected
(Email Cracking)

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Alright , I read a bit and found out the reason of the first error ,
segmentation fault But im not sure if this is the right reason
Proxychains+Hydra=segmentation fault
so What should i do ?
As you know Proxychains are important for anonymity
or Maybe use another tool instead of Hydra ?
Any ideas ?

*Ahem* What command did you type?

No worries I got red of the segmentation fault
Thanks bro...
One question do you recommend any good Dictionaries ? huge ones ?

and one more question if I use xhydra in cracking with a huge dictionary that i have , Do you have any idea how can i increase the limit for the file ,For Example the limitation is 5000000 bytes my file exceeded this limit !! Because when i enter the dictionary that i have it's beyond the maximum limitation is there is a walk around ?

the word lists i used :

Rockyou , John , Faithwriters , the email target is known to me and i even know the password it's very simple like samer1234 but those wordlists couldn't get it

so if you have any recommendations or advices I would be happy to hear from you

I personally like the SQLmap one located at /usr/share/sqlmap/txt/wordlist.txt.

Mmmm thanks !
I'll try it later and if i have questions I'll ask you
Best Regards

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