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I am thrilled to see how many people are interested participating in a CTF event. To make these as fun as possible its going to take a couple of organizers to help me come up with challenges as well as set up the environments. So this post is for those who want to be a part of that team. The drawback is that being on this team disqualifies you from participating, but it will make you a referee of sorts.

PM/post if you want to be on that team and a short description of your technical abilities and background.
I look forward working with you guys!


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I would love to support the event with some self-written vulnerable services!

I would love to help. I'm not proficient in any programming or scripting languages, so I might not be of much use, but I'd like to see how these events are set up so I can set up events like this later.


On another slightly related topic, are there going to be any official write-ups of the challenges?


maybe this project is still very much in its infancy. for a start you should get on the IRC and start familiarizing yourself with the usuals on there.

If you somehow come short of organizers , I'll be glad to help.

id really prefer to see you participating in the first couple than sloshing through the boring system engineering but ill let you know for sure!

Awesome , can't wait . Will be my first time doing a server pen test. This is definitely great for training.

Would be fun to participate. I'll return very soon, I also have a SQL tutorial coming up for my 'return'.

I'm keen, though I don't specialize in exploitation. You know where to find me.

Again, I'd be glad to help out in anyway possible.

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