Forum Thread: Searching for a Team for the Null-Byte CTF Challenge

Hey guys,

I thought of meeting up with 2-3 other people for the Challenge. I study hacking since 2 years now, but my practical experience is not that good (Should be my 4th time now attacking a server ;) ) so I don't search for the best of the best. I just thought of working with some others together when participating. Maybe we could set up a server for chatting so we can exchange ideas while attacking. If anyone else is interested in teaming up with 2-3 other guys for CTF, just write in the comments below and we will see how far we come as team ;)


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i would like to taking challenges.

I would like to join too. Quite exited about it. Which server are you going to setup?

I would like to join too

Ok, seems that we've got a team :) I'll look for a Chat server to use.

Yes, 5 people are exactly what I think is good.

We could use a chat site like this one. I think it's not such a problem if I write the password in the comments here^^ Should I chose the flag or does someone want anything special? I thought of the Dark Brotherhood:

Image via

Maybe someone here knows the Elder Scrolls series ;)

Yes, the Black Hand, seems appropriate.

Nope, but more than 6 would be too much ;)
What do you think about the flag?

Ok, I will write the room name and password tomorrow at approximately 6 AM UTC in this post. Like I've heard it will start probably at 5 AM UTC, but I can't go online earlier. The server will be online for 12 hours, so I think it's ok. I will submit the key and flag later this day, so share your oppinion about the flag that I can respect it :)

Look at the changes I've made! I edited the time. You can go online when you want and anyone alse in our team who's online then will be on our chat ;)

This CTF exercise is NOT sanctioned by Null Byte or WHT. Please be careful.

Someone with ill intentions could set up such an exercise that would compromise your integrity. For instance;

  • The server you are hacking may be malicious, with malware that will downloaded to your computer
  • The server could be a honeypot
  • It could be that the server is not even owned by individual giving you permission, in which case, you would be breaking the law.

I am not saying that anything of these things will happen. "Standard User", the organizer of this CTF event, is a new member of this community and I have no way of vouching for his intentions. They may be honorable, they may not.

I want to repeat that this CTF is not sanctioned by Null Byte and if something untoward happens, Null Byte and WHT have no liability as you have been warned.

Please be careful.

Whats this all about anyway, never heard of a CTF challenge.

Someone sets up a vulnerable machine which contains a file. We try to hack the machine and get the flag.

ahh, sounds like fun.

Ok guys, I'm now online in the room "dark-brotherhood" with the password "g3tth3fl4g". You can join here!

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