Forum Thread: How to Make a Hacking Tool and What Programming Languages Are Used to Make One?

I want to know how does hackers develop such hacking tools. Can someone educate me about this?

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I recommend JAVA, C++ or C#, RUBY and PYTHON... Any of these, or all of these, if learn them, you will make a quite good developer, and then you can make any applications you want, like Big and useful ones, or those you want, that is, hack and crack computers!

I personally know VB and a little of C#, and VB is not that good, is a lowered version if C# and i can make a undetectable hacking tool

I suggest python as a first language. You actually don't need to be a top rate developer to create "hacking tools". I am an intermediate level coder and I've looked at some source code and it didn't appear too complex. From what I've read on these forums and other sources, it's more important to create a custom tool to deal with a certain OS, program, etc. And depending on the type of tool you are trying to create, one programming language may be better than another. So,as Pedro said above, knowing all those languages would be great.

But back to your questions as to how they are created, the answer is simple. Client side "hacks" or scripts are written in a text editor (I like Notepad++ personally) and attached to something that can transport it to the client. I don't much about server scripts, but I would imagine they are created the same. I'm a novice and don't know a lot, but I hope I gave some useful info. Perhaps someone else can give you more specifics.

That was good and thoughtful answer, Alex.

Thanks OTW
Just trying to soak in as much knowledge as I can and occasionally pass some along.

i am the beginner to i almost completed learning python.know i am learning php.can you explain me some types of projects to improve my skills

Cool! Thanks for your answers! I'm currently an intermediate C++ programmer and a beginner in python. I'll take note of these.

What do you do now '6years after'

When you become familiar with python, I would recommend looking into the Python library, 'socket', as it can be used to create a basic port scanner. A quick google search turns up some example sources that are not so intimidating, especially if you have prior coding experience.. For instance. I am interested in this exact topic aswell. I decided I would google around for various tools written in python(like portscanners etc.) and try understanding the sources. No doubt you could do the same with C++ also.

i want to develop a hacking tool can u people suggest me any coding techniques

lets group together and make a looping program with c language

Well i studied more than a simple java and some basic data - structure algorithms...
Is that helpful ?
Cause am planning to study more about hacking
I recently worked with kali linux and now having ubuntu as an OS ( which am pretty comfy with )

I just need some help from where can i create my own script or software i suppose to be able to do other stuff as a hacker which they call superior :P

Am a Swift Developer and i knwo php and beginner of node js and sockets

Now i want to hack a POS terminal for my future project. How can i hack that and which language ? It's possible??

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