Forum Thread: Monitor Mode Kills WiFi Kali Linux

I have a TP-Link WN721N and whenever I put it inti monitor mode I get disconnected from the network that i am on and cannot connect to any networks, if i use airmon-ng to get into monitor mode network manager wont even detect my wifi card. please reply quickly as I am leaving to DEFCON soon.

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This is probably because your Wireless card does not support Moniter mode.

My suggestion: Stop by radioshack or something on your way to DEFCON and pick up an Alfa AWUS036NH or similar Alfa wireless card.

Maybe your Wireless Card doesn't support Monitor Mode, or it doesn't support dual connections (I think that's called 2RX2TX).

Are you sure it doesn't detect it? Can you post a screenie of the output of iwconfig after enabling monitor mode?
sudo iwconfig

My main problem is that I cannot connect to any network while in monitor mode

This is as intended. Verify you're using the external adapter using "ifconfig | grep wlan" if your adapter is called the generic "wlanX" (In most cases wlan1) or "ifconfig | grep addr" if not (Some alfa-adapters do this, but I've yet to personally come across one that does it.). Then verify you're connected to your WLAN via the other card (wlan0), it should show up under the name of your internal adapter just like in the screenshot below.

Also note to double-check if you attached the adapter and then rebooted, as then the adapter-names can be messed up (Internal would be wlan0, while the external would be wlan0).

Image via

Happy hacking!

iwconfig detects it but i cant connect with it and network manager doesnt

oh and its an athereos card

Maybe your monitor isn't mon0, but wlan0mon or wlan1mon...

I have to agree with Kitten, i new versions of kali wlan0mon is the standard name for the monitor interface, plus it is perfectly normal to be disconnected from the network you are on. Mine does this every time and my monitor mode is working fine....


ifconfig wlan0 down
iwconfig wlan0 mode managed
ifconfig wlan0 up


ifconfig wlan0 down
iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
ifconfig wlan0 up

i have TP LINK WN722N

and while usig air crack firstly kill processes by
check kill cmd
good luck
it works for me...


service network-manager restart

hi, this is probably old but if you want your wifi to work normaly after monitoring then first stop monitor mode so... first you have know how airmon names your adapter aftter starting mon. mode, mine is wlan0mon

airmon-ng stop wlan0mon

then restart network manager

service network-manager restart

works for me

This is the only thing that works thnx

It says failed to restart netowrk-manager.service: Unit network-manager.service not found

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