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How can I protect myself and my server from DDoS?
My router has that option in its firewall but it's unclickable.


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You cannot protect yourself from a Denial of Service (DoS) attack, let alone a Distributed one (DDoS). You simply can't prevent requests being sent to your machine other that by disconnecting from the internet completely.

Concisely put by this answer on StackExchange: "A DDoS cannot be prevented, but its consequences can be mitigated by putting proactive measures, and perpetrators might be deterred through the usual, historically-approved display of muscle from law enforcement agencies."

You can protect yourself from a DDoS attack, but it is not easy. Some routers and other network devices offer throttling services that limit the amount of packets allowed through to the server, for instance.

No offense but you have three questions in a row, google is an effective way at getting answers as well. This question could have easily been answered with search(s).

I have actually wondered what the best free way to DDOS someone is?
Does anyone know?

Best is a DDoS botnet...i think....and as for free, it depends...

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