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I'm doing a project for my school in which I'm supposed to write a program to disrupt the bot master, in a bot net based DDoS attack. Would any of you know of any good free software which is able to run on windows for a local DDoS attack? I haven't got the time to learn a new OS/Programming language to initiate the attack in which to test my disruption program on.

P.S. A GUI program would be nice, if not a .c type cmd program works too.

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LOIC but you can't DDOS on that.

If you can't do it yourself you shouldn't make the project.

Best bet is using kali linux and infecting a virtual machine or 2 then do the DDOS.

As for how to do this I think you can do it in metasploit but idk. Never fucked with that

Windows is usually pretty terrible for anything outside of basic office work, and can do almost nothing for cybersecurity. Just dual-boot your computer with Kali Linux, so that you can keep Windows.

Funny you should say that since Windows is huge in industries such as gaming, arts, hardware and engineering whereas Linux plays an absolutely insignificant role. In terms of cyber security, it is (one of) the most targeted OS for malware, reverse engineering, game hacking and software cracking which means it plays a very, very major position within modern society. So please, tell me more about the negligence of Windows.

I use Windows very often, for gaming and other things. It is big for gaming, engineering, and design only because programs are made for it. However, it is not big in hardware, and if you ask almost any sysadmin, they are running Linux. So please, tell me more about how great Windows is because it is part of society. Murder and theft is part of modern society, so does that mean it is good?

A lot of hardware development exists in Windows because it was designed to be able to support any type of hardware which is why there are many manufacturers who are capable of building GPUs, (gaming) scientific equipment, (engineering and science), musical instruments and drawing tablets (arts). Don't tell me Razer and NVIDIA are nobodies. Ask anyone in the world and they will more than likely say they are using (or have had used) Windows.

You think Linux is great because, what, a lot of people in computing use it? Listen buddy, there's more to the world than just computing, time to get out from underneath your rock. Also why are you comparing Windows to murder and theft? Like it's a sin to use Windows? Clearly, you don't understand the engineering design differences - not that I'd expect you to - between Windows and Linux. Easy to use, low learning curve, user-friendly GUI, etc. are trivial and fundamental flaws which Linux has and Windows solves for people who don't have a technical background with computers. People play other roles in society and don't have the time to learn what they don't need. Got enough evidence that Windows is a part of society?

Let's face it, times are changing, you Linux fan boys have too much pride and ego to let go of the past when the command line reigned supreme. There are many distros now which are including GUIs and the choices for window managers are quite varied, probably to try and attract a larger user base due to an ever-evolving society.

Now go on, what else have you got to say?

Idiots like this, who disagree with your argument with a passion and take it as a personal insult, are what's wrong with the internet.

I never said people don't use Windows, I said it mostly isn't good for specialized, IT uses. Just because your grandma can open Outlook doesn't mean it's amazing. The reason people use it is because of its user-friendliness, which nobody denied, and because of this, developers make their software for it. You obviously haven't done your research, because who said I was talking about desktop Linux alone? Linux is everywhere, and even Bill Gates suck-ups like you have probably used it more times than you know. The Linux kernel is used in Android, which largely dominates every other smartphone OS. It is also more popular on servers than Windows. Almost everyone who has ever used the internet has used Linux at some point, maybe just by going to one of the many websites hosted on it. Razer and Nvidia may make drivers for Windows, but you know what Steam runs on their servers? Linux. This all started with a simple referral, and then some buffoon named INT 3H comes along, ready to guard Windows with his life, spouting off aggressively about market share. So please, get off this site and do your research next time.


While I don't mind you guys discussing the pro and cons of windows and linux, can we please return to the matter at hand?

Yeah, you've totally said that. The fact that you were giving a general statement about the entirety cyber security definitely means you were talking about IT.

As you've said, I don't recall saying that Linux wasn't restricted to the desktop environment but that is far besides the point that was in the original discussion of cyber security. I don't deny that Linux is everywhere and I certainly don't deny the fact that Linux has its usefulness since I also use it myself on both mobile and desktop, something which you've completely assumed incorrectly. That fact that you Linux kids can't accept anything else with your elitist attitude and calling people out because of your narrow-mindedness, "can do almost nothing for cybersecurity.", but since you've now mentioned the specific use in IT, then sure, maybe that's true. I don't claim that Windows is superior in every aspects, hell, I even accept that Windows has flaws within the OS originating from the initial engineering and design stage but this world isn't about security or privacy anymore, it's about money and if it makes money, nothing else matters despite how terrible it is. And yes, I'm very familiar with the use of Linux technology and the services they provide within the architecture of the Internet. All these cute little wild accusations that you make against me are all false so maybe instead of asking me to do my research, maybe you should stop throwing around misinformation. It's like you've got no argument to throw at me so you have to resort to these pesky methods in an attempt to be successful. Really, you seem to be coming off too desperately and I've got no more time to waste on someone who can't do better. Shame.

I bet you're someone who thinks int 3h is some int type variable called 3h, tch. Now run along and play with your Metasploit.

What "misinformation" was I throwing around? And who has an elitist attitude? I make a recommendation on a site where 99% of its users are using Linux, and then some bumbling idiot doesn't just disagree with my opinion and provide a counterexample, but attacks me personally and even goes as far as trying to predict my personality.

Sorry, Glen. Hopefully this is the end.

Its alright, I'm gonna try to use Kali Linux and the programs pre-installed within its environment, and see whether that works.

I'm not sure if many tools for this come pre-installed, but they are definitely there.

What do you mean by that?

Linux should have more tools for DDOSing than any other operating system, but I don't know if any distros focus on DDOSing, and they might not have the right programs already installed, but I'm sure they're out there.

How exactly do you need to do this attack?

I need, actually to write a program to disrupt the botmaster; thus, i need a BotNet/DDoS program to Analise.

Problem is the system I'm given to use, it's all on VMs, which is located on a intranet website, which means dual booting is not an option. However, I do have a VM running Ubuntu.

So does this mean that I can use Kali Linux to control botnets loaded on a VM?

P.S. The windows machines are loaded with LOIC already.

P.S.S. I tried using Metasploit, looked good, but seeing that my VMs do not have an Internet connection, I am unable to register the product.

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