Forum Thread: Study of DDOS

Hello guys,

So im doing a university work about DDOS.
More specifically the financial impact of DDOS atacks.

Any of you know some good articles, specially cientific articles talking about this subject.
And the recent tecnologies and thecniques to stop this atacks

Ty and have a nice day boys.

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9 Responses

we've got a search bar by the way...

We? you work here then,

Null Byte its not the place for the things that im looking for, but is the place where probably has people that know something about what im asking and could give me some guideness.

I know how to do basic search, so i would apreciatte you keep those kinda comments to yourself

I don't think that tone is going to make a lot of people help you.

Just research how much money a company makes per minute online and calculate the cost of it being down for 10-20 minutes.

Well what i believe is helping people and share, not making obvious jokes about a person who is asking for help, if im rude with a person like that im not sorry!!!

I didn't mean to have ironic tone...sorry if iI did mate..

This article will give you a cursory understanding of the technology behind Dos attacks, while the comments on the article should give you enough to start your search on the internet.

This might help. I found it interesting.

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