Forum Thread: Is There Any Way to Connect Internal Wireless Adaptor in Kali Linux Installed in Virtual Machine?

hello i am new here...i wanted to know about it..please help me..

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Yes. Just make sure your network settings on the host machine is set to NAT or Bridged.
Boot up into Kali and then follow these instructions.

  1. Go into System settings.
  2. Click on Network.
  3. Click on Wireless.
  4. Change the switch from Off to On.
  5. Turn Aeroplane Mode to Off.

Next, connect to your desired wireless network and START HACKING !

there is no wireless tab on network..
there is only wired and network proxy...

How to see that our host PC's network is NAT or bridged????

Is your network setting set to NAT or Bridged on the host PC ? Is your wireless hardware switch on ?

i got the same problem !!!!

im using windows 10 as my host which is connected to the net via wifi ! but inside vmware kali as u can see it has a wired connection but the problem it's not showing any wifi network!!

plzz help!!

i am using oracle vm virtual box....

Could you post a screenshot of your network setting in Virtualbox ? It will help to diagnose the problem. I personally use VMware but solving this shouldn't be a problem.

i am not able to upload photo here from my laptop only upload from web is possible...

Why are you not able ? Just attach the image....

I would recommend using VMware Player as it has less problems and I personally use it. If you attach a screenshot, then I could help you but If you can't do that, just install VMware.


there is no tab to upload new phot0...
any thanks i will install VMware..

In some browsers the button doesn't show, but it's there, above the "Submit" button. If you hover it it'll say "Add an image". Or you could try switching browsers, I still couldn't find what causes it.

while i tried to connect my broadcom adaptor to vm it says driver error....

Could you give me the exact error ? Do what Kitten said and upload a screenshot otherwise we won't know what you are doing. I'm not there at your computer so help us by giving us more info. Thanks.

I've been facing the same problem. And this is the screen shot which you asked earlier. Any solution?

Hello i've been facing the same problem, i'm currently working on vmware workstation 12 any tips?

The Screen shot above looks the way it should to be connected to the Host's WIFI adapter.
it shows the connection as wired because it is wired to the host.
You can not unmount the hosts wifi adaptor an make it the VM's own
You are connected to it via the NAT or Bridged connection.

Dear , i have intel centrino N2230 on my Dell i7. i have installed kali linux 2.0 via Virtual Box. and i have also successful bridge connection but how i found other wifi networks and make my kali root as Monitor mode.. please guide me. is it possible without external usb adaptors like alfa awuso36H/NH or Tp link WN722N TO Make Monitor mode with my Intel centrino N2230 CHIPSET... YOU CAN SEND TEXT ON MY WHATSAPP NO LIKE 00966536702717 OR MAILING ADDRESS LIKE

Hey i met the same problem and my one also have another problem saying that no such ieee80211 file or directory ,,, any solution anyone..

Im using my laptop wifi adapter

Hi. I have this exact same problem and looking for a solution is pissing me off because I'm not finding anything that's working. have you found a solution to that?

If you are using a VM, I suggest you buy an external adapter.

I had something similar last night while practicing MiTM on kids. I had started thing in the wrong sequence so the adapter was occupied when I tried putting into promiscuous mode. rebooted and sequenced correctly then worked fine.

YO, can you take some snap shoots for how you fixed the adapter wireless.


Hi Experts, i am new to kali... and not able to see wifi adaptor, using kali in Vmware workstation 12.0.0.
can some one guide to solve this problem... below are few SS for your reference

im using windows 10 as my host which is connected to the net via wifi ! but inside vmware kali as u can see it has a wired connection but the problem it's not showing any wifi network! how to fix

Hi I am also facing same issue (im using windows 10 as my host which is connected to the net via wifi ! but inside vmware kali as u can see it has a wired connection but the problem it's not showing any wifi network! how to fix) Some one please help me.

Thanks !!!

i am using window 7 with vmware workstation 12 pro and also i am using

TP-LINK TL-WN722N Wireless N150 High Gain USB Adapter.My Tp link Adpater working in hots. bust guest operating system in vmware workstation i.e. (kali linux 2.6 ) is not showing wifi.

i used WiFi compact software bust still i am facing problems.pls help me

Hello experts i am new here..i want to know is this needed to connect my wireless adapter in my host pc before setup in kali linux.if have already connceted wifi in my pc without a usb wireless adapter the what i must do to get wifi in kali linux.answer me soon i am in a big this wifi card i have to install boths pc and kali linux or it will work in kali linux without install in my host pc

You can buy a USB network adapter, it's your option when you wanna use Kali in a VM, otherwise, install it as a dual boot.

when i try to install it as dual boot my keyboard and mouse will not work what shall i so i am on pc windows 10

so How will you connect an wifi adapter to kali installed in Vmware for packet injection???

I also have the same question still no answers found.. just one way dual boot windows and kali

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