Forum Thread: Kali Linux SQLMAP Question.

So SQLMAP works basically with sites that ends in php?id=5 for eg. But... my question is... how you hack a website that ends in.. php?page=download.. or something like that, a website that doesn't end in php?id=number.. or a website that ends in .com .fr, etc. Those are non-vulnerable sites, right? But i bet that they're still "hackable". Can someone give me some advices?

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first scan it or simply add ' to end of line and you woulda see sql error showing up,

if id is in middle of line for example php?id=5/download and etc you have to start hack at where data is vulnerble and by hand( i dont think sqlmap support it never tried it)

it sholdnt be php?id=1 or 2 or what ever it could be any thing that could be vulnerble ( you can use dorks to find them).

hope i made it clear if not ask me.

Hmm, when i try to test it by adding " ' " at the end of the line i receive a 404 Not Found Error, is that something good? I know that it should show me a mysql error, not a 404, right? And i can't find any numbers in URL... i checked all the links from that site.

It's just php?page=register php?page=download and so on..
Could you recommand me a good tool avaible in Kali for vulnerabilities scan?

bro i strongly recommand you to start learning basics not just going to use tools remember ! hacker make tools not tools make hacker so go learn basic programming there are many channels tech you about it or you can use my channel here

its not great but hey :D

but if your too lazy to learn basic of programming go learn atleast basic of topic you want to use lets say you want to learn sql go learn about it not just using tools and copy paste bunch of commands that you dont know actully how it works.

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