Forum Thread: Question About Upgrading to Kali 2.0

I have searched the internet and could not find answer.
Should I have to download the iso file again?
How do I upgrade my kali linux?
If you cannot list the step could you link the site?
Thank you

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I personally didn't find any tutorials on upgrading kali from existing Kali OS so i just downloaded the new 2.0 iso and used live boot.

Kali 2.0 is really annoying, Gosh I wish I could just smash the screen. But am cool. The new UI is awesome but its like hell. Downgrading back to 1.x. Anyway, just my thoughts.

sorry! but i can not find the link ...

I did all of this and it ended up taking about 17 hours yesterday. I'm sure it installed the new packages, it must have, but it didn't install the new UI when I rebooted. Isn't that what the new update is all about? -__-

There is 2 ways that I know of.

updating your sources


deb sana main non-free contrib
deb sana/updates main contrib non-free

to your sources list. usually located at


Save the document

do an apt-get update
apt-get upgrade -y
apt-get dist-upgrade -y

Id honestly recommend backing up your goods and doing a clean install.
its clean and stable. perform and update, upgrade and dist-upgrade.

I haven't com across any major bug yet..

all good...


ohh shit. i forgot to add the other option. haha.. sorry
(duel boot)
fuck using virtual image.. Too fiddly.. duel boot it...

go to the provided link

i usually to the peer to peer download. (torrent)

perform a checkshum
burn to blank DVD
enter BIOS and boot from CD/DVD drive thingy.

then your good to go.
unless your unsure how to install as duel boot.

hope that help

For whatever it's worth, I am always cautious about new upgrades and new versions. Very often, they contain bugs and other issues and I would rather that other become the guinea pigs while the developer works out these issues.

For now, at least, I will continue to use Kali 1.1 for work and my tutorials here on Null Byte. When I feel like all the bugs and other issues are worked out, I will upgrade.

I hope I don't have remind folks here of all the "upgrades" that were not upgrades. Remember, Windows Vista?

What's Windows Vista??? haha

just add the word"sana" int your sources.list
do it as MATT BRENNAN said, inside your source.list u can either replace the whole text there with this:
deb sana main non-free contrib
deb sana/updates main contrib non-free

then run the commands for updating, upgrading the apps and the dist


I really dislike 2.0. It's way too Ubuntu-esque. And it seems they only list hacking programs in the Applications menu instead of everything like in 1.1.0. Also it's very unstable. I crashed a terminal within an hour and all I was running was top, airodump-ng, and navigating the file system in another terminal.

The Metasploit service is gone so you'll have to create your own database instead of the initial setup creating it for you. The native Ruby integration does load Metasploit faster but was still using 98 to 100.1% (that's not a joke) of my CPU. Thankfully the resources do decrease while you're not using it (unlike the previous version where it ran hot as long as Metasploit was open ) but I noticed it did still peak up there as I was loading modules and setting options. That's not really a huge deal though. If you setup a listener and just have it waiting at least it's not burning your CPU anymore.

I'm pretty disappointed so far. Oh and I didn't even mention the problems I had with airmon. My initial try I had to put my monitor mode into monitor mode to get it to work! Wtf! Craziest thing I ever saw. I ended up with an interface named wlan0monmon. Anyway, I backed out the wlan0monmon, killed the conflicting processes and ran it again to get wlan0mon and it worked the second time.

This is useful info Burnct.

Give them a few months to work out the bugs. I NEVER use a new app or OS right after it comes out. I wait a bit for all the guinea pigs to find all the bugs.

It interesting that they used that interface. That was one of their main reasons for moving away from Ubuntu when they went from BackTrack to Kali.

+1 Bunct

I completely agree. Going against my better judgment i installed it yesterday as well. The UI is slightly frustrating but it's all the bugs that really annoy me. Recently I have been experimenting a lot with mitmf and its broken on 2.0. I think I will go back to 1.1 now for a few months. I like that the UI does look less suspicious to those around me

Would I still be able to use gnome fallback instead of full gnome after upgrading?

wait until you run in to the login problems.
i upgraded my main pc. and was locked out for like 30 minutes!
just a heads up. there is a fix but i wont go in to that.

i just upgrade my kali linux 1.1.0 to kali sana 2.0 every thig goes well all it take 2.5 gb data for upgradation but after it still kali linux 1.1.0

means after upgrade no change in screen......
what is problem...can any one help

kali sana is useless and absolutely unstable based on ubuntu i suppose,
its interface is childish and it has countless bugs for a pentesting os.

moto is way better has much stabilty and mature to use as u can easily locates apps and use. and some apps cant work on sana like xdm etc.

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