Forum Thread: Kali Rolling 2016.1 Problem

I downloaded and installed the distro and I've noticed weird things after I ran apt-get upgrade and installed "Paper" icon and GTK3 theme, find them in pictures, please notice that I didn't have such problems before.
How do I fix the problem?

Image via
Image via

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What do you mean by "find them in pictures"? Do you mean you're seeing the pics of the icons in your /usr/share/icons folder? That means when you extracted into the directory, you didn't create a folder for the icon set. Go ahead and throw all those icons away and start over. This time when you extract the file into your /usr/share/icons dir, create a folder named 'paper'.

Did you install a rolling dist of Kali? If so I HIGHLY recommend you use the standard dist. You'll run into a lot of trouble down the road with the rolling dist. Also, I'm not so sure about screwing around with your curser. I just use the default. If my solution fixed your prob gimme a +1 :)

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