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Hey guys I have a problem that I was hoping you guys could help me out with. I've tried installing KALI for weeks now and have run into a plethora of problems. They ranged from wonky boot options (since my computer is brand new) to the ISO not being readable in disc format, to the live usb becoming totally un recognizable to the computer. While all these problems were solved after googling around, I think now I've hit a stone wall. Certain apps work only sometimes, and when they don't the same 'input/output' error notification appears on the console. I still am not able to find a solution and it is extremely frustrating. Could someone help me out please? Thank you!


For configuring persistence mode, all I have to do is click on the 'persistence encrypted' option right? This means all updates are saved right? Thanks!

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It's hard to help you without enough information, as you are being extremely vague. Answer some of these questions, and then we can help you:

  • What computer are you using?
  • What version of Kali (I'm assuming 1.1.0)?
  • Have you tried re-imaging it?
  • What do you mean by wonky booting?
  • When does the USB become unrecognizable? Can you make this happen whenever you want?
  • What's the exact error message?
  • What do you mean by "ISO not being readable in disk format"? When does this happen?
  • When in the installation does something weird happen?

Right, sore for the vague details. In response to Cracker Hacker, booting now works fine, but when I said the ISO can't be read on the disc I meant that when I boot from my disc drive, the computer says that there is not OS on it. Anyway, I've scrapped the idea of booting from a disc and moved on to live USB. I've tried re-imaging it multiole times, the problem now is that some apps only work sometimes and when they don't they display an 'input/output' error. The computer is an ASUS G550JK. I'm using he latest version of kali and the problem only occurs AFTER booting (meaning installation should've been ok). Also, the reason why I'm confused with the persistence guide is because I can only find /dev/sdb1/ and not /dev/sdb2/. Anyway, I've since moved to virtualbox and everything seems fine there. Thanks for your Leo guys.

Your welcome. Just remember, VMs do have their limitations when it comes to networking.

I personally used the live USB, and that worked perfectly. Also, I'm not sure why you say your sdb only has one partition....

Yeah, but I'm sort of noob-intermediate with Kali so practicing in a Virtual Box isn't a bad idea anyway. I think I have a negative affinity with Kali because even on my old computer I had every problem under the sun while trying to install it.

That's why I would recommend live USB or CD.

It runs smoothly anywhere, no problems with wireless adapters, no need of installations (just brun the ISO and done), and goes faster as it is not a virtualized but full OS.

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