Forum Thread: I Can Not Clone Websites Using Kali Linux, What Am I Doing Wrong?

Hello guys, I have tried several methods and still can not clone a website using kali linux. I am using LAN and not Wi-Fi

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It's quite simple, here's a few ways to get full sites / pages / whatever. Well make sure u have the right tools.

~$ curl <options> <URL>
I prefer above opposed to:
~$ wget <options> <URL>

Here's a good tuto on using curl. If u don't have either and still can't get either to work. Grad it by hand, the old fashioned way...

--> Go to developer mode in options/browser settings...
--> go to file system tree view of the website
--> from the 'expanding fs tree view, just right click all assets , save locally the same fashion and file placement
--> then right click on webpage
--> select view source

--> select all --> copy --> pats the text into gedit or ur fav text editor. If the locations are all intact. The full template is yours to customize as needed. Be safe and remove assets as needed too, i.e. JavaScript (.js), php (.php), perl (.pl), python (.py) or others. Make it functional for you, those files aren't usually needed plus they're written for their site, if u don't have any??

~$ apt-get update
~$ apt-get install curl || wget

Depending on the browser client u use, u may have to install dev tools as an add on. Ice Weasel/Firefox->ESR has it builtin. Gl.

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