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  1. Everytime I type startx... it gives me error of xauth cannot lock /root/.Xauthority.. so I have to run mount -o remount, rw / on each startup..
  1. The kali 2 looks nothing like the one in video.. is it the armhf or raspbery pi version like this?? Or is it going into recovery mode or something by using the command I use for booting...

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  1. try typing "gdm3" instead. i'm not sure if that will work but that is the most practical way to start GNOME 3 on Debian.
  1. the ARM version of kali looks differently yes, due to limited hardware. i don't have sources to confirm this though. (can anyone confirm?)


No gdm3 doesnt work... and now even mount -o remount,rw / isnt working...
I saw that im not getting write permissions... only read...
I searched about it a lot but cant find anything

are you root?


Anyway they just mentioned it was a problem. .. and they released 2.0.1... wow now they tell us haha

let this be a lesson that newer isn't always better ;)

when it comes to Linux, I'd say you should let the update "mature" for 2-3 weeks before installing the update.


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