Question: How to Stay Hidden in a LAN Atack Cenario?

The majority of the routers because of speed purposes make the communications local to machines inside the network.

So how can we hidden and atack machine from being discovered, without seeking proxys and vps outside the network, local proxys servers?

If yes how that works, other solutions?


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1 Response

It depends on which attack you want to deliver. You can forge almost any kind of packet when inside a LAN, but it really depends on what you want to do.

Example: you can make a DoS attack and fake who is sending the packet, because it doesn't matter who is sending the packet.

You can't spoof a shell / reverse shell connection, because it requires an open channel.

One solution is to find bugs in common ids or sniffers, and crash them before the attack. It will make some noise, but it will be like shutting down the ccTV before making a r0bbery. No trace who did that.

Describe your attack scenario, we'll see if that's possible.

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