Forum Thread: What I Need to Learn Next for Being a Hacker ??

Hlw, I have been trying to learn hacking for several months now.

I learned to code in python, I learned to use linux and it's terminal/bash scripting. I learned basic network protocols and network scanning.

Now I am confused on what to shoot next.... any one who has crossed my path please suggest me something.

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You should learn digital forensics from basics to advance level and then anti forensics... After that do some research on sql databases (most commonly and importantly mysql) and deeper your knowledge on sql injection and how it works!!!! Also learn metasploit from begining to end (though there is no end of learning jst try to master it...and you will understand the next step u have to take by yourself. Hope this info will lead you to the hackers culture.... Best of luck...;-)

Thnx for the response. It helped.

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