Forum Thread: WINDOWS 10 Kali Live HELP

So recently I downloaded the Windows 10 edition of Windows (Windows 7 and 8 users are offered a free upgrade by Microsoft blablabla.) I wanted to study this new OS on a spare laptop I had at home. Long story short, I booted Kali Live from an Old Kali Live USB i had laying around and I tried to do the good old change Utilman.exe to actually become cmd.exe so when I rebooted into Windows 10, viola, Admin Perms. But when I tried to rename the file, whether with command line or using the GUI, it would not let me. The error being "Operation not supported."

I know this trick works because I've seen videos of people using Windows 10 instillation disks to change the Utilman.exe files and other things, but as I do not have one laying around, I do not know what to do. The only other time I've actually seen this error is in setfacl and I don't know if it relates to the one I'm having now.

Thanks fellow members

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