Forum Thread: How to Hack Kali?

Is kali hackable? if so how can i secure my kali sana?

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4 Responses

Of course it's hackable.

Some tips:

  • Use AV
  • Use VPN
  • Close ports you don't need
  • Don't click on suspicious links
  • Don't visit sites with unverified certificates
  • Don't download suspicious files
  • Scan all downloaded files with said AV
  • Don't install Flash
  • Don't allow scripts to run on webpages
  • Et cetera...

In another thread, Defalt has advised against using AV for Kali due to the tools interfering with the AV itself, a good reason why you probably shouldn't use Kali as a main OS. By all means, run a main Linux OS, but use Kali specifically for your hacking needs with another Linux distro for your general usage.


But isn't it safe enough without av, but with firewall and ips/ids to be as main os ?

dont go scanning gov sites,CIA, NASA etc... use a live usb any problem throw it away

To the best of my knowledge, it comes with almost all ports blacklisted. which, to a degree, does make it "secure".

But keep in mind that it also has a plethora of tools that anyone that makes there way in can leverage into some serious damage.

Be mindful of what ports you have open and any software installed after the default image.

That being said, it is highly advised against using kali as your "Main OS" due to several facts. Paramount of all, the nature of root as the normal user.

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