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Alright, my fellow hackers,

So for as long as the modern term of "hacking" has existed there have been Script Kiddies. I know, all of us have been Script Kiddies at one point usually starting out, but what gets on my nerves is that there are fullt time "Script Kiddies" who don't want to progress. What I wanted to know is what is your opinion?

My opinion is that we should be a bit more careful about making hacking tools open source, although many people may disagree.

Feel free to comment and share your opinion down below.

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Who knew Linux would today be a great platform. It all started with a console and now many flavors. The point is: try to be closed source and we would be stagnated and never move on. Each one would always try to keep to himself, open-sourceness allows tools to be examined by not only the developer but also others around the globe. I would never execute a closed source tool unless others have tried it and have good reviews about it.

Trying to cut off open-sourceness of hacking tools is not a good idea since it has brought the world especially the digital world this far. Allowing for the modification of existing tools to make better ones and better ways of doing things.

For script kiddies, the best way to protect yourself is always to put a disclaimer on your articles just to be safe. Should they use tools unwisely that would be their problem. And should you put something online, remember that is the end. Its going to spread and spread.

So there is no carefulness so far as you bring something online because you don't control them anymore.

# Sergeant

Yeah true, but what I'm worried about is the Script Kiddies getting their hands on the particularly powerful ones not Metasploit per se, but something as powerful as the open source version of StuxNet could be extremely powerful.

I was always told a script kiddie was someone who couldnt progam, Ruby, C,Python etc :(

Well no that is what a Script Kiddie is by definition. See, to be a hacker you have to be able to code. So Script Kiddies fall under that. However being a hacker doesn't mean you don't or can't use the tools that are open source. Many hackers use those as well. But what I think really separates a hacker from a script kiddie, is the fact that Hackers can code-Script kiddies can't-Hackers know how a computer works- Script Kiddies don't and so on.

Ehhhhh i think that's going on grey area. A lot of open source tools aren't necessarily fire-and-forget, or even casual friendly. A good amount of tools require a decent amount of knowledge to get working, let alone use them effectively.

True, but I guess anyone can learn how to use a tool within a couple of days, while to learn a scripting language, and to create your own would take months, maybe even years.

I think the OP is confusing "open source" with "free". if you replace what he wrote with Free, it makes perfect sense because it doesn't matter if something is open source to a skid, he won't know the difference. A skid is not going to look at the open source code of Linux or nmap. But "free", for a skid, does make a difference, and by free, i mean something he can easily get online at no cost.

So what he's asking is (I think anyways), should script kiddies have easy access to powerful tools online? My answer is yes, let them have their fun, let them do their thing. Sure, some don't progress but i'd say most do and being a skid is only a rung in the hacker ladder. The ones using LOIC without vpn get bumped off and the others learn and progress.

The difference between OSS and "free" is that a skid might not even be able to compile and/or set up the files of the OSS.

I neither agree nor disagree that skids should have restricted access to available tools online. They should be able to do whatever they want to do and if their actions lead to undesirable consequences then so be it. Tough luck, skids, ignorance is no excuse.

why is this negative this sparked very interesting and valuable discussion?

Would you call a hacker Who knows how to use Nmap, reconnaise tools, password crackers like john the ripper, and framework like metasploit, a script kiddie because he doesnt know progamming yet??

( the above example is me) Just started a few weeks ago and following the newbie guide here on the forum.

"Would you call a hacker ... a script kiddie ..." Make up your mind boii.

Well no, mate you aren't a Script Kiddie, you happen to be a newbie hacker. See when everyone starts out hacking, they really don't know how to do much in terms of computers, and they end up using the tools. By using the tools they are given the chance to study said tools, and become better. What you happen to be saying isn't being a Script Kiddie its being a newbie. What differentiates newbies from Script Kiddies, is that newbies want to learn and move on.

Hehe i'm sorry, i Just dont wanna end up in the wrong direction

A majority of society has a poor conception of hacking, which gives script kiddies immense power.

Someone thinks they are hot stuff because they can hack an IG with a password of "street123" and then brags to everyone that for just $10, a professional hacker will do whatever they want.

I know plenty of skiddies that intimidate others through online games with the threats of DDoS attacks and saying they will swat/hack someone. Normal citizens without any understanding will be terrified and give in to demands.

Skiddies are toxic, lazy individuals who have no morals and have no talents.

True in fact I remember seeing an article where 2 Script Kiddies, try to get a job in the Cyber Security Industry, and they straight out get rejected. Its actually quite funny, and the author provides some funny commentary as well. I'll try to find the link and give it to ya guys if you want.

Skids are mainly frowned upon because they waste our time, tend to do needless damage to victims and because they attract feds like a magnet. I don't care about people being Skid, however I like to stay away from them as much as possible. Skids attract drama, or 'lulz' like a 14 year old insecure teen at the peak of their puberty.

The best way to motivate them in my opinion is to give them step to step guides that show them that doing it yourself is doable and pretty fun. If there is just one that get's motivated, then it's worth it.

A lot of them just feel like they wouldn't be able to write or understand a hacking tool and that it will come later, however that is the wrong attitude.

True, though what makes me somewhat angry is those "full time" Skids, who never want to move on. I mean being a Skid is somewhat a beginning form of hacking, I don't any of us here have become hackers before becoming Skids.

Begin a Skid is a beginning form of cracking.... What you are talking about is traditionally known as a Wannabee.

I know the difference, however I'm trying to motivate skids to become newbs. And I'm questioning what the motivation can be to remain a SKID thats how I meant my comment.

That's very valid. I was just pointing out that being a Skid is not a starting point for hacking. That was what I understood from Cromical comment. You do not need to be a Skid to become a hacker. If such a thing happens it means that the Skid is no longer a Skid.

What would make me a script kiddie? My friend keeps calling me one but by what I see I'm not.. I'm confused :/

Probably your profile pic

Lolhahahahhah maybe xD

Your friends are probably jealous of your 1337 profile pic.

But what does script kiddie really mean?

The answer has been giving multiple time's above in this comment section.

"What differentiates newbies from Script Kiddies, is that newbies want to learn and move on."

It's a very gray area.

In my opinion, I don't care much if someone is a script kiddie (as I agree with the OP, we may all have been a Skiddie at some point in our hacking education).

Its just when they use someone else's script/program/etc. to do something, then call themselves the "greatest hacker in the world", then it kind of gets on my nerves.

Want an example?

Those game hacking videos on Youtube, where someone with a gameModding program installed on their Jailbroken iPhone or rooted android, enters in a code, gets some large amount of money, then go "I'm the best hacker in the world".


kids of this days are love to make anyone call them hacker and they are script kiddies , so anyone after installing linux or unix , they told they are hackers,and that why they are fuckin script kiddies and they don't know anything about security anyone using any fuckin tools

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