Forum Thread: What's Happened to OTW's Page ?

Hello null-byte,

I tried a few time to click on our beloved OTW's pages to be redirected to his profile page in order to have all his tutorials in one menu. But it appears that /occupythewebotw is for some reason down. Other profiles pages seem to be working so I was wondering why I can't access to the list of one of the biggest contributor I have ever see ?

Anyway if you're reading me OTW, thx for your awesome work.

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yup me too surprised.OTW was really the master of the art.

His profile isn't working, but you can view most of his solo articles in his Hack Like a Pro series, and you can hit the menu button up top to see the rest of his series.

is he any more around in the null byte or doing t the stuff somewhere else.

OTW is no longer at Null Byte, there was an issue behind the scenes that I will not get into as I do not know the whole story. But you are correct, his profile is no longer accessible to users due to the fallout.

However, if you would like to remain in contact with OTW, you can find him on Twitter under @three_cube.


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